Art walking tour Delft

Do you love art and are you looking for an active, inspiring and corona-proof outing? Put on your hiking boots and do the self-guided walking tour in the center of Delft. (Cycling is also an option!) This tour leads you criss-cross through the historic center, along more than sixty art treasures of Delft. Out on the street you’ll find classical statues, colorful 3D murals, plaques, contemporary sculptures and plastics in all styles.
Along the way you can marvel at the monumental buildings, such as the Old and New Church, the City Hall, mill De Roos, the Watertoren and the Oostpoort. Enjoy the charming squares, authentic streets and alleys, while you admire the old facades and medieval canals. Need a break from all these impressions? Relax as you sit on one of the terraces or settle down on one of the benches along the canals for a romantic picnic!